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Advanced Tumbling

Advanced: (skill level) Advanced tumbling course for those that have passed off intermediate level skills. Individuals must test into this class. Class focuses on advanced tumbling skills such as whips, layouts, tucks, twists and more.

Beginning Tumbling

​Beginning:  (5+):  ​Introductory skill-based course that focuses on developing strength and flexibility, as well as mastering basic tumbling skills such as cartwheels, round-offs, handstand arch pull-ups, back-bends, etc., and introduces intermediate skills such as back/front handsprings and back walkovers.

TumblTime Gymnstics (Preschool Gymnastics)

Pre-School gym: (2-4 year olds):  Introductory class that focuses on building strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Your child will have so much fun, he/she will not even realize the skills he/she is gaining!

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Intermediate Tumbling

Intermediate: (skill level): Intermediate tumbling course that focuses on strength and flexibility and introduces advanced tumbling skills (i.e., back/front tucks) and focuses on perfecting basic tumbling skills and mastering intermediate skills.

Tumbling Classes

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Gain coordination and self confidence or learn the tumbling skills needed for dance or cheer, learn to tumble like a ninja or practice your parkour skills.

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Mom and Me

Mom and Me: (walking toddlers-2 years):  This introductory "mom and me" class helps build coordination and strength; it is also a fun bonding experience for you and your toddler! Mom and Me classes are designed for a parent to assist their child throughout the class.

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