Creating, maintaining and repairing champions

Six week fitness boot camp with Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker Pond. Boot camp will be taught in American Sign Language. Get motivated, get in shape, change your life. Boot Camp is 6 weeks and can be done either one time a week or twice a week. 

Similar Camps often run between $300-$600. Come to Aimee's bootcamp twice a week for 6 weeks for only $200 or one time a week for only $120.

Here is an opportunity to transform your body and life for less than $18.50 per session! Most personal trainers charge anywhere from $75 - $150 per session. You are getting resistance training, cardio, flexibility, and nutrition all in one program!

What to expect: 
Weight Loss and/or Decrease in Body Fat %
Increased Endurance, Strength, & Flexibility
Better Balance
Lean and Toned Body

No matter your level, regardless if you are an active athlete or haven't worked out in years, you are sure to see results from participating in boot camp. 

Bootcamp will run October 3rd through November 9th on Mondays and Wednesday mornings from 10-11 am. 

We will be having a FREE body analysis day on October 1st. Come in at 8:00 am and recieve a free body fat % analysis and injury prevention analysis. This day is optional and seperate from the camp itself. 

Cost: $200 for 2x/week for 6 weeks
$120 for 1x/week for 6 weeks

$15 discount if you bring a friend. 
Sign up and pay before September 16th and recieve a 10% discount!

Sign up today as space is limited!


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